White Prunus

Great White Cherry is a medium sized vigorous wide spreading tree. Its key feature is the large pure white flowers which are held in bunches profusely all over the tree, just as the coppery young leaves emerge in the middle of April.Cherry Blossom trees are part of the genus Prunus which is a large group of around 430 species. There are many different types/sizes of Prunes trees.

Prunus will usually do well in any well soil type except for highly acidic or water-logged conditions. Plant early flowering forms in a sheltered site to protect the blooms from spring winds and late frosts. Later flowering forms make ideal specimen trees, which can be grown by themselves or with other trees and shrubs. Most prefer an open sunny position but can usually tolerate a little light shade.

Water well until established.

Cherry trees can grow tall (up to 35 feet/10 meters) and most have a broad spread of branches (12-14 feet/ 3.5-4.5 meters) and have widespread branches